About Us

The California Bicycle Coalition’s mission is to enable more people to bicycle, for healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities for all.

The California Bicycle Coalition harnesses the power, skill, and passion of California’s bicycle advocates to change laws, policies and behaviors. We are leading the way toward a new culture in the Golden State, where bicycling is comfortable and commonplace and contributes to healthier, safer, economically stronger communities.

Our vision is that one day soon, millions of Californians will ride bicycles every day. Every destination in your community, and every community, will be connected by a network of quiet bicycle boulevards, bike paths, and protected bike lanes. Your 12-year-old, your elderly father, your friend who’s just getting comfortable on a bike—all will be able to ride bicycles where they need to go. Our communities will thrive economically, and our streets will be safe, with few injuries and only very rare fatalities. California will be a national model for sustainable transportation.

Our goal is to double the amount of bicycling in the Golden State by 2017 and triple it by 2020.