At the heart of our advocacy mission are campaigns for effecting social change, so that more people can ride bicycles for transportation and recreation safely and efficiently. Here are our current campaigns:

More funding
Our goal: Increase funding for bicycle safety, especially infrastructure that connects communities with whole bicycle networks. See this chart.

Safe passing – Give Me 3
Our goal: Protect bicyclists by ensuring that motorists give them adequate clearance when passing. Read more

Better bikeways
Our goal: Approve for use in California safer and more protected bikeway designs so that everyone can enjoy bicycling on facilities largely protected from car traffic. Read more

Complete streets
Our goal: Ensure that all public roads in California are designed and operated to accommodate all roadway users, including bicyclists, public transit riders, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. Read more

Our goal: Ensure that new and amended state laws make it possible for more Californians to safely choose bicycling for transportation and recreation. Read more

CalBike is represented in Sacramento by Platinum Advisors.